Tom Norton – Dolphins

[Electronic music]

Just hold your hand back
It’s just another talk
Happens all the time
Your friends are nowhere
You’re fighting for air
There’s nowhere to hide
I know it’s not okay
I’m looking for a way to say sorry
But I know that you’ve changed
and I don’t think you know your way home

[Instrumental break]

Are racing through my brain
I don’t remember waking up last night
Did you ever hold my hand?
and did you ever understand it’s not fair?
I was crazy to forget if I hold you tighter
You’d just slip away
But the pages of the book,
The ones I thought you took is still there

I know I’ll be okay
‘Cause I don’t need to say that I’m sorry
Yes, I know I’ve changed
but I know I can find my way home

[Instrumental break]