JayteKz – Dreamin’ Lyrics

Everytime I close my eyes
It’s like the only time the world feels right
I don’t wanna be a slave to the night
But I’m afraid of the morning light
Cause I wanna keep
Yeah I just wanna dream

[Verse 1]
Ya I’m kicking back snapping caps off the bottles
Chilling with the homies we ain’t gotta work tomorrow
We feeling good we just some kids from Chicago
Chasing all our dreams, mine’s set full throttle
And although things get hard we never give up
We’ll slow down but I promise we gon’ pick up
Cause life is short so we gotta take advantage
Cherish every second never taking shit for granted
So we get together party on the weekends
Catch a good buzz yo it’s that summer drinking
Thinking bout’ the good times and all the stupid laughs
And how we kept a smile when everything was going bad
And it’s beautiful to see how far we’ve come
We overcame the battles never had time to run
And here we are, standing stronger than we’ve ever been
We made it through now it’s time to let this life begin


[Verse 2]
Ya it’s Friday night so you know this shit is going great
We’ve come a long way so it’s time to celebrate
I’m grateful for my fans and my family
Staying by my side even when they see the bad in me
And honestly I wouldn’t trade it for a damn thing
This smile on my face? Yeah that’s what my fans bring
They make me happy like I’ve never been before
That’s why I keep it real when it’s time to hit record (Always)
You see I’m loving life and everybody in it
Living everyday like tomorrow is forgetting
Wishing for the best but the best isn’t guaranteed
That’s why I work my ass off so I can plant the seed
I’m rapping deep cause that’s just who I am
Won’t change for the fame or perhaps a couple grand
Hope you understand that’s just who I am
Won’t change for the fame or perhaps a couple grand man