JayteKz – Let Life Begin Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yo born in 1994 that is where my life begins
Chicago, Illinois city where you feel the wind
You’ll see the good, you’ll see the bad, you’ll see the saddest shit
Misunderstood or perhaps you’re just an average kid
Cause growing up shit just seems so complicated
Moving back and forth impossible to grow complacent
I fucking hated it, always had to fake a bit
Always faked a smile when I felt like breaking down to bits
I ask myself every single day
If Dad was home would my childhood still be the same? Or would it change cause a part of me was present?
I guess I’ll never know so I’m stuck with all these questions
I grab a bottle then I drink away
To take the pain away from all these broken yesterday’s
I grab a bottle then I drink away
Erase the pain so I can make way for better days

Uh I put my life in every word I spit
And I ain’t stopping so you might as well get used to it
They try to knock me down and tell me I ain’t shit
I’m staying at this ground just in case I have to spit
Sometimes to get a grip you gotta let go
Sometimes to grow fast you gotta learn to live slow
So I’m taking everything day by day
I’ll take my time with every step I take

[Verse 2]
I’m soul searchin’ working for this piece of happiness
I’m making change will you focus on fancy shit
I’ve never been the type to brag about the cash and tits
I’d rather speak my mind and give the world the classic hit
I know they’re watching every move I make
They see my hustle now they plotting on notes to take
I’ve come a long way from a couple years ago
State to state fans asking me to play a show
It’s so surreal when your dreams slowly fall in line
Your sacrifice and all your time and space within these rhymes
And now it’s paying off people know just who I am
Show up to parties I got fans tryna shake my hand
I promise pops I’mma put us on
So when he makes it home he has the world within his palms
I tell my fans I’mma put us on
Just keep supporting watch the whole world come sing along