Big D The Impossible – Father and Son (alebumaye) Lyrics

(Verse 1)
First nigga, niggas first
First record nigga sound quick
I ain’t the type of people you can mess quick or make a name out of his mind
I’m a record lable, i make a record label between your mind
Between the line you can distinguish i and you out, Wu first clan in tang big deal
I’m not the type you can diss quick, i’m a family man
I first introduced you to rap not pap or trap you mingle into
Shot up your mouth big too, hahahaha, nigga slap on my face my face down
Nigga quick rap on about the jerk i’m into, my face blown down too
I fucked your wife you fucked my bitch too, bee shot up your face down well
Before i crossed your line my time ain’t wasted on rhymes line, high bitch first crossed your line
Now, you think you gat somethin’ to rap fake gee

(Chorus 1)
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Alebumaya killin’ shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Big shot the fuck up

Alebumaye killin shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Alebumaye killin shovelin killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye

(Verse 2)
First record i signed my son and i myself
Never forget biggie and pac death row, local gees, force militant, amy first habbit
Record suit addict cocaine congrat me make me out of sense
I’m in greedy i don’t feel the line i don’t feel it at all
I don’t mean it i don’t mess around like you B that call yourself G
Bitch to God gat somethin’ or nothin’ to say
I’m on my own i label my senses my record and my soul
Monkey tie ain’t suit me, but love the fitted up on my neck
Monkey tie ain’t sit me, but i love the size only up on my neck
Lonely, day i’m on my own i think i forget about more than i think i gat
I forget about it all, all i thought, all i got i and all i had
But the day goes on like tin and bring all day back
Today is another day entirely i reap my way, i sat down and i see myself back line

(Chorus 2)
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin’ shovelin’ alebumaye
Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin shovelin’ alebumaye
I’m plannin’ ahead every moment i sit

Alebumaye killin’ shovelin’ killin’ alebumaye
Alebumaye killin shovelin’ killin’shovelin’ alebumaye
I’m plannin’ ahead whenever i sit