6LACK – Scripture Lyrics

Now, why you can’t take what I’ve been through
Imagine I never went through what I went through
Came, up, uh

[Verse 1]
Ay, I want more
Until I get it I won’t slow
I’m on tour
Opening some brand new doors
On top, but we came from the floor
Do you believe in foresight?
(I do. Hm-hm. Cause I can’t ignore life)
Look, I wrote this in a hotel the size of a closet
Just to show you that I could do it
Just to show you that it ain’t much to it
If you got your hand out, don’t be surprised when I look at you stupid
Where were you and when there was me and the music?
Don’t compare me to no nigga that I’m better than
Still new, but my attitude veteran
And ain’t nothing wrong with it
Since six I knew I was gon’ get it
I ain’t working till my palms start itchin’
Ever since a nigga put a gun to my face
That shit that really make you think, yeah
I was thinking ’bout my kid, yeah
Sixteen, didn’t even have a kid, yeah
Them bullets really how you thinking about your unborn
Imagine if my whole life was untorn
Imagine when the car flip
Don’t call it [?]
Of blessing that is ain’t gone yet

I’ve been getting closer to God (yeah)
Not a script show, we been talking direct (pretty line)
Same for me and I see you closer to God (yeah, word)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
I’m on pace
I figured out the shit ain’t no race
Up the stakes
Got hungry, then I scrape the plate
It ain’t hard for me to change my ways
Do you believe in foresight?
(I do. Hm-hm. Cause I cannot ignore life)
Look, the plain field ain’t never been even
I ain’t bout to make that shit either
See, I’m tryna copy my aura, they some readers
Study all you want, but I came up outta freezer
Getting bred across the mediterranean like [?]
You a heat seeker, speak up
Niggas telling me to speed up
You can fit your talent in a beat cup
Leaders of the new school, I think they need us
But first, let me light my weed up
My intuition ain’t never let me astray
With all this shit on my plate
Think I be running in place
But I step to that mirror, look myself in the face
Can nobody take my place [?]
You can try, you contest
You get sent to the Gods
I’mma R&B nigga with a hip-hop core
(Ha-ha. said I’mma R&B nigga with a hip-hop core, yeah
We just had to do that [?])