Bones – HowToRobAGrave Lyrics

[Verse 1: Project Pat]
Flip money like flipper
Drunk off of liquor
Had to get my cup, dog, I’m a big sipper
Hand on the trigger
Now I’m a killer
Hand full of—
I’m the drug dealer
Filler, clip full of bullets to your liver
Sticker, straight eat your face for my dinner
Winner, ’cause I got bags on me now
Every show a hunnit thou
Man, I’m the cash cow
Used to rob for a living
Pullin’ them pistols out
I just got out of prison
They wondering how
A minority in getting majority of cash
Baby momma in my ear
I’m ignoring her ass

[Verse 2: Bones]
Drop back, cop that
Got the key to the game I’mma lock that
Fall back
Talk that shit if you want just know that I’ll pop back
Man down, try to step up but you laying down
Hands bound, tell her go hard no one cares now
Fuck that buck back if you’re really down
Your crew ain’t no shit
Sympathetic to the core, bitch
Got some but I want more, bitch
Wanna fight, then that’s war, bitch
SESH bring you to your knees better say please
If you really wanna see your life evolve then convince me
Turn you to minced meat, you will regret meeting me
I’m nothing like you think when you see me on the fucking screen