2Pac – No Part Of Dis Lyrics

Flavor Unit in tha mothafuckin’ house
2Pac ready to set this out
For the niggas that thought I fell off
This especially goes out to my mothafuckin’ homie AG

[Verse 1]
Everybody’s wondering if I fell just to get a couple cents
While I still be (hot as hell)
Now I’m back to rip this track like I’m dislexic
Niggas stay vextin’, hextin’ how I sextin’
Now who’s next, prepare to hear a text of speak of a nigga that be
Harder than all the heads up in the projects
Why you’re starring now, wonderin’ how I rip and rock the shit
Pimpin’, poppin’ shit, 2Pac’ll hit you with some hippity hoppity shit
Niggas get a grip or slip and slit yo’ shit
I hate you quit for some old shit you ain’t equipped to kick
2Pac’ll live (?) to take control-

(Go, go, go, go, go!)
(No part of dis!)

[Verse 2/3(?)]
If I had a bigger dick or a dime for every time
Motherfuckers took a bid of a lies filling my rhyme
I’ll be richer than a bitch with a trick, who pickpockets
Equiped with the dick that’s so thick, it fits sockets
Please don’t misinterpret what I say to get dirty
Motherfuckers wanna jerk me (?) wonder
A fucking freestyle frenzy for the-