Watsky – Limo 4 Emos Lyrics

Limo 4 emos ×3
I’ll pick you up ×3
Limo 4 emos×2
(Let’s go!)
You’ve got knives in your broken heart
I’m outside in my go-cart
So cuff your last pair
And put up your black hair
In a bun
And come fast
We can run like mascara
You got force like Joan of Arc
And he falls short like Bonaparte
You deserve greater
I know I’m no not savior
But I’m here right now
So let’s go
Kinda feels like we’ve been running every day of our lives
And shattering hearts
And having ours cracked
But if you went and threw the broken hearts in a pile
And add to the stack
Then what do you have
You in the black
Deep in the red
If you’re in your bed then you should come meet me instead
And out of the misery you know you’ve got a friend
Said you got me
(You got me)
(Can’t break you down)
I’ll pick you up ×5
(Limo 4 emos ×2)
I’ll pick you up ×5
Anytime anywhere
Cry and I’ll be right there
(Let’s go!)
They want us moving at the speed of light
But we won’t hurry
Let’s hit the city and stay out so late
That it gets early
Like early on when we were living on the cheapest thrills
Because the town we fell in love with has the steepest hills
But those downs rebound to ups
Tried to push dad’s coup and torch the clutch
And they built us with extra gears
And our cars run on ex’s tears
Last night I realized I’m still sleeping on my mattress edge
Saving room for someone who’s not coming back to bed
But if we meet
I got room here in the shotgun seat
But if you’d rather take the keys
Please, I’ll put up my feet
We pay taxes
We live frugal
Wear new suits
To old friends’ funerals
Have true loves until they’re false
[But when you’re down
(I’ll pick you up)]×5
Cry and I’ll be right there
I’ll pick you up ×5
{Cry and I’ll be right there
[(Let’s go!)
(Limo 4 emos)]×3}x2
Limo 4 emos