Missy Elliott – All 4 U Lyrics

[Intro: Missy Elliot]
Sexy! Rah!
We gon’ keep it sexy yall
You dig? Oooh…
Let’s go!

[Verse 1: Missy Elliott]
Baby what’s up with you tonight
You wanna get busy I can read your mind
Baby, I can see you looking
Pour some champagne and you might get lucky
Touch on me, touch on me, gimme gimme honey
I don’t want ya, want ya money
I just want you get on me (come on!)
I’ve been checking you from across the room
Money ain’t a thing baby, what it do
Ain’t no need to keep on waiting (yah!)
Tell them other bitches they can keep on hatin’
It’s you that I want and I want what I want
And I get it, get it, get it, get it, get it

[Chorus: Missy Elliot]
It’s all for you
Don’t you turn it down
Til I show you my move
You won’t be disappointed (I like this!)
Hey there shorty let me get that thang
Let’s see how long that thing hang

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Okay Missy, uhhhhm
I know what you’re looking for
Got you butt naked in the condo cooking for
A nigga like Weezy, please say the baby
And just like I’m begging I please all the ladies
Ease off the Richtor Scale, lil ‘girl
Make you feel it in your pussy to your fuckin’ fingernails
I’m a beast with it baby, you ever had it beasted?
Leave that thing pink like Easter
Kiss ya on each of ya lips, yep all four of ’em
Dammn, shawty just won’t let go of ’em
She gon’ need more of ’em, I leave that thing wetter
I beat that thing up and then I kiss it ’till it’s better