Eminem – Biterphobia Lyrics

Sneaking through the back door,fruity MC is getting ambushed
Rammed and sqooushed,slammed and pushed,crammed and mushed
Then I’m movin on down to right to left
So bite the meth or prepare to fight to death
To get jacked, attacked and cracked in two
Smacking through, till your black and blue for actin true
I’m dreaded like a man whose hair is all strands
Proof that I be sniffing on aerosol cans
I’m stoppin,I’m kickin,I’m chokin,I’m stampin em,I’m clompin,stickin,poking and clompin em
Two electric chairs and tighten bolts
Hit em with frightening jolts of lightning bolts
Im zappin,rappers,singers,and dancers
Faster then you can snap your fingers for ransom
Cancer is in the flesh,alive and breathin
Survivin in conniven by thievin

I had a dream where I was getting jacked by biters
It felt like I was being attacked by spiders
Developin a fear of bitterphobia
Im holding a gas can and a lighter over ya
If I detect ya, ima pulverize
Dissect your brain, diggin your skull for lies
And ima torture, with material iller
Than a stark Ravin sereal killer
I’m more dangerous then a loaded chamber is
A major risk to a plagiarist
So beware of the aura, terror for the horrible
Will scare ya tommorow
Is the airbourm assault to the rappers
Hit the resource to better my skill
I head for the border
And run the galloping hills
The choice is yours
Cause now buddies noises forced me to
Scream till my voice is hoarse
Cause I’m sick of these jabber jaws And crap that grabs what’s yours and savage your bites like Labradors
In the range of my double-barrel and your life is in trouble,danger,and peril