Kevin Gates – RGWN Lyrics

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Ima never stop grinding ya heard me
Ive been played, been betrayed it take a toll on you
Some stay the same, most change, others fold on you
Ima giver, heart bigger, and it be the lil difference
Im forgiven, dont forget it, right game wrong nigga
Say right game wrong nigga, right game wrong nigga

1st Verse:
In the cell talkin to myself i used to look out the window/
Growing hair all over my head a lot of things i envisioned/
I ain’t see mozzy leaving me before i got out of prison/
I ain’t see me doing time after i finished a sentence/
Law thought they helped me sleep i hit a rain when it trickle/
Dying on the inside, unforgettable feeling
Crying on the inside, think about how you living
Whole pack touch down dont complain i deliver
18 wheeler deliver the load, tryna keep the wheel on the road
Dealt with the h, i left it alone, fast lane im all on my own
Fast pace you know that im, whatup, cash game you knowin im strong
My last gang was doing me wrong, bad days are how we move on
Facts change and then we go on, bread game you know im a don
In last place you honkin your horn, hamstring done got a lil sore
Crying grape you know ima pour, bag chasin got us a foreign
Catching cases got a lil boring, flashing chains the diamonds performing
Flashing chains the diamonds performing

Real ice, on a roley bus down
Breadwinner team nigga look who up now

You know a lot of time a nigga will get in your head and hype you up to
Do some shit that they dont have the heart to do you know what im saying
But you know im not a send off man ya heard me

2nd Verse:
I open the door for em, i bought me a 4 door
I took her out the country, i like when she call me country
Blocks im babysittin, super polite in public
Took a lil trip, ordered some drip, cooked a lil white in front her
Im pullin her hair, ass in the air, im putting it right in her stomach
Im thuggin im not bout to fumble, money im thumbin through hundreds
Im touchin a lot of blue hundreds, im muggin im walking through onyx
Ain’t nothing that im running from, i was taught how to run it up
All this pressure getting applied
These niggas shit be twinklin but they shit not like mine
Got buku niggas dissin me but i am not surprised
???? and meditation vibes
I took the h, mixed it up, put that in the vice
5 ton jack recompress from both sides
No matter how it turn out just know ill be just fine
Im prolly bout to say some shit i know you won’t like
Yo bitch was over here with me just the other night
She say you two been through some things and me she can confide
Powered up the blunt and told her lets go take a ride
Speedin up the mountains with my hands all on her thighs