YNW Melly – YNW Freestyle Lyrics

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Made it through the struggle, got it off the muscle (off the muscle)
Wanted Gucci on my buckle, so I had to hustle (hustle, hustle)
Stomach growlin’ like a lion, I was really hungry
Ain’t nobody wanna help me, got it on my lonely (my lonely)
Jaleen that my brother, we like Rich Homie and Thugger
Disrespect my whodie, then I’m shootin’ at your mother, huh (your mother)
Boy I know you love her, cause’ you fuck without a rubber, huh
If that bitch start actin’ up, just go and find another, huh (sheesh)
Gucci, Louis, Hermes and Givenchy on my body (yeah)
Promethazine and Sprite, but I ain’t fuckin’ with no molly (no way)
Big shout-out to Kodak Black, he follow me on Insta
If you wanna chop it up, I put it in a blender (blender)
Flokka smokin’ niggas, I ain’t got nothin’ to give ya’ (bye)
I’m shootin’ out the sun roof, Sosa shootin’ out the window (bang)
Yeah, this is a freestyle nigga you ain’t gotta ask me (nah)
Pussy squirtin’, mini skirt, I like my bitches nasty, uh
And she make all A’s and B’s, I like my bitches classy, huh (classy)
Quarter pound of ganja pack, I stretch it like elastic, huh (elastic)
Take you to the Gucci store, then flip it like gymnastics (flip it)
Juugin and finessin’, we was counting all our blessings (for real)
Your bitch do the Melly pose cause I’m a living legend


I’m that nigga from that Ave you don’t even know to have
Just to walk through my hood, pussy boy, you need a pass
Tell the judge suck my dick and tell the state to kiss my ass
Me and my team we first, why you pussy niggas in last
Crackers all on my dick ’cause they say I made a hit
When I grabbed the microphone they like: “Sosa you can spit!”
When I fucked that nigga bitch, that really made that nigga sit