Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Dwoyo – Sky Lines Lyrics

[Intro: Sampled]
Tried my best to make you see how much I love you
And how much I really need you with me

Much love to the one most high
Til Infinity
I’m tryna stay young forever

[Verse 1: Dwoyo]
Don’t take the stars for granted
Don’t take the stars for granted, enjoy em while they’re landed
I’m just tryna live what I see when I imagine
Rise above the ceiling if you wanna see it happen
Oh I gotta testify, how blessed am I, ain’t satisfied from the sidelines
Miami with me like Whiteside, turn my rhymes into sky lines
Eight fifty, you still with me? Still here for like two years
Back then as a freshman I was buzzing off of like two beers
Goatee then a new beard, I’ll wait for that, go Drake with that
Close my eyes, I see mirages, cars in garages, daily massages
No chasing that, there’s no place in rap, for a kid on the ground
That’s why I’m rising up, they all lining up, to get a spot on the clouds, look at me now

Negativity gets on my nerves, how much do I gotta give
The day that I don’t listen to their words, that’s when I’m gon get to live
And yeah boy I’m living
Give em five years, they gon say that they was kidding
Give em eight years, they wanna be my assistant
Same people wouldn’t even notice my existence
Clouds in the distance, I’ll go in an instant
Soul on fire, you could smell it when I’m in sense
Ima leave em witless, you gon’ need a witness
Lyrics in the bank, and I’m every year I’m gaining interest
If you want clear skies, gotta have a clear mind
But in the meantime, I still fear mine
I was bout to quit and give hip-hop the peace sign
Til’ I had to hit the rewind, that’s when I realized

Spring season, that’s my season, Navigators know why it’s cool
4th grade in front of class, 5th grade front of the whole school
8th grade, you could check the yearbook, most likely to become famous
If they meant what they said then, I’ll prolly end up with 12 agents
No bud but I’m still blazing, insane with rap, I go Dame with that
High school I made a name with that, ’til I graduated no claiming that
There’s no shame in that, they kept asking me when I was dropping again
I was under pressure, and I almost thought about dropping the pen, that was me then
Look at me now, I’m what they talking about, so why would I be logging out
Negative money all on the account, yeah I’m still going out, but we still ballin’ out
All of my bros keep bobbing they heads, keep it contagious I want it to spread
Thoughts instead about all these my, I gotta get to it, man I’m backing out
Thoughts of thots inside of my bed, f**k what I said, bro I’m blacking out
Lot of baggage, I’m unpacking it now
Older so I’m understanding it now
All of these questions I’m stressing, yet I’m thankful for all my blessings
If my answers are up in the heavens then I’ll close my eyes and be there in a second
Til Infinity

[Outro: Sampled]
Tried my best to make you see how much I love you
Tried my best to make you see how much I love you
Tried my best to make you see how much I love you
And how much I really need you with me

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