Golden Silvers – Queen Of The 21st Century Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Gonna make myself into a painting
A masterpiece of plastic and pearls
Cause outside the watching world is waiting
On everyone to see my plastic curls
And on this stage my eyeballs will be shining
They’ll shine so clear you’ll never see my eyes
You’ll only ever see the silver lining
I swear to God I’m gonna win first prize

Cause I’m the queen of the 21st century
I’m the long lost lover and I’ll be what I wanna be
I’ve got a razor blade and a pocket full of dreams
Cause I’m a blue eyed boy and I know just what I need

[Verse 2]
Gonna paint myself into the perfect picture
You can stand and stare your eyes will all turn green
Then I’ll mix my pills into a magic mixture

And then melt myself into your magazine
And in the lights my name will be burning
I’m the perfect ten, all the ladies will follow me
I’m a shining star, oh God knows that I’ve earned it
Oh every man and woman, wants to be


[Verse 3]
I’m never going to let my plastic die
Take my razor blade and cut away the years
Cause everybody knows that boys don’t cry
But I need a razor blade to cut away these tears
But my blade is blunt and it won’t cut any deeper
I push so hard but all I do is bleed
My pills and pastes they don’t come any cheaper
I’m gonna cut until there’s nothing left of me