Vee Tha Rula – Tidal Wave Lyrics

[Hook: Miley Cyrus and Vee Tha Rula]
I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
*Fade out*
I guess I should’ve let you win

[Verse 1: Vee Tha Rula]
Real real love
Pain comes and pain goes
So whatever the bruise, it doesn’t stay swole’
Rainy nights and pay phones like ’95
I’m dope dealing, couldn’t handle a 9-5
I’m taking off on like anybody that cross me
Like everyday since i done lost you, I’m seeing now that I lost me
Beauty and beast, I’m just hoping it’s like a fairytale
My weed plug a cousin over in Maryvale
But I don’t know what I want, I’m needing a friend
Like when I was down in the dumps and you helped me out with the rent
I just wanna call when I’m heated, I know you would let me vent
I would tell you I feel defeated, you’d tell me I’m ’bout to win. Woo
I love that boutchu, cause it’s really you
You say you love me to the moon, is it really true?
When you’re gone it’s like somebody took my light away
I feel the rain hit me like a Tidal Wave and I’m away

[Hook: Miley Cyrus and Vee Tha Rula]

[Verse 2: Vee Tha Rula]
And who are you to judge?
You ain’t walk up in the shoes that I’m in
But if I leave I know I’m losing a friend
This shit is stupid ain’t no cupids flying shooting at you, who did they hit?
If it was us then why do we usually split?
That got you thinking don’t it?
But back to skipping through fields of flowers and make believe
I gotta tell you to fall back to make you leave
I gotta tell you to fall back to make you leave?
Shit I’m amazing I don’t even know what to make of me
Clothes thrown everywhere, it’s been a long night
Warm arms to cry on, it’s alright
And if I stay forever imma miss tomorrow’s flight
We was blind seeing dark until we saw light
Say that we should come together and pray
But bae I’m sinning, that’s like every single day
And it’s been rough and girl you tough
It’s a must that I try and better my waves
Shore deep in the middle of ways, but hey

[Hook: Miley Cyrus and Vee Tha Rula]