Quiet Company – How To Fake Like You Are Nice & Caring Lyrics

Well, hear me out. Everybody’s young once. And we throw our hopes around, they never mean much. I wasn’t thinking! My power was so powerful and new. So I’ll chalk this up to all the stupid things that I’ve done, and all the stupid things that I’ll do
Do you lie awake, and worry about the future? Because you’re just as safe as you ever were. We’re running out of time. We’re marching on but we are not alive
I’ll see you at the top of the mountain, waiting for the flood to change us
I wish you’d climb down off your cross and burn it. If it’s not doing any good then we could use the wood that it provides us. (That you denied us.)

Wash those dirty hands! What if the lord decides to let us go?!?
Is it such a sin to want to save our skin from the mess we’ve made…that we made in faith? Or was it arrogance? Oh, what’s the difference? Can anybody tell the sick from the well? If you’re throwing in with these greedy men that pull all the strings and ruin everything… Well, who wants to live forever in these dying lands with these dirty hands?