Froth – Contact Lyrics

Listening watching the voice of no reason
Sit with the tube cause her voice gets you high
Borrowing somebody else’s opinion
Looking for contact
Hey hey hey
“71 you would never believe us
Tell him the man he has become today
Watching the witness he’s walking with jesus
Looking for contact
Hey hey hey
Slowly their minds fall from their concentration
Stare at the sky the california sun
Notice the absence of participation

Searching for contact
Hey hey hey
Sally says she doesn’t want to go to school
Father stands up and says yr gunna throw it all away
Driving up to Johnny’s in the chevrolet
Such a pity that she lets his hard work go to waste
Johnny sees sally walking up the steps
Takes herself a seat yeah and rolls herself a cigarette
Such a dirty habit he would say to her
Have I told you that it took me twenty five years to quit