Dj Honda – Gun Hold Lyrics

[Hook] {x2}
It’s still gun hold nigga
(Firing Squad!)
From the ‘Ville let ’em know nigga
Raise hell at a show nigga
(Nigga, First Family!)
Fo’ sho’, there you go nigga

[Verse One: Billy Danze]
Lift up your metal and a man’s honor
Let it go (GNONK!)
Let it go (GNONK GNONK!)
Let ’em know (GNONK!)
About to go so [?]
Raised and blazed hammers with a razor choke hold
The day this rap thing fade
I will remember how the game is played
And go and get it when I want it
My whole staff is considered the outcast
So disgusted and pissed off we blast son mad
(Of course!) We’ll remember street life till it’s our time
Be a shadow in the street light, like power lines
You will always find me where ever my kind be
My premonition is designed to remind me
(Stay true to the game!)
That’s right (What’s your name?!)
Bill with duel exhaust pipes and an intention to kill

(So chill!) Relax, take two steps back
Remember that
The man will put holes under your fitted hat


[Verse Two: Lil Fame]
Ayo f*ck this (f*ck DAT!)
f*ck clips (f*ck GATS!)
f*ck beats (f*ck RAP!)
f*ck clips (f*ck GATS!)
Kill me nigga
Grill me nigga
(First Family!)
Sincerely nigga
It’s Berk Dawg and Lil’ Fizzy
From B.K. pa where we still bang Biggie
Hit the streets with the toaster
You can’t miss Fame I’m in your hood like a Malcolm X poster
Chilling, hanging, shit banging, doing my thang and
Downtown Swinging
Ain’t shit changing
Nigga we the reason the rappers with ice on tuck chains in
The B.Ville rebel
Without a cause it’s on in my ghetto
Where we walk you see dark clouds and hear thunder
(M.O.P.) From a land down under