Rhys Langston – Breaded Cutlet, A Postmodern Delight Lyrics

Breaded cutlet
Circa Thailand town
Siamese joined bucket
For that appropriative

Tea parties
Diet fascism
And neocon light
Catharsis politics
Postmodern Delight

Mayans hunted, death squad puppets
Guatemalan head cheese buckets
Commanders in Nantucket
And in Thailand poor say, “Phuket”
The hills are disappearing, those on which the masters crafted
Their paintings, their musings, replaced by strip mall cancer

Scott Walker’s a pole dancer
Rides a long chain of command
Contrived before the tale of the trance on Congo sand;
Gigahertz and Mister Kurtz, Apple TV, orange irks
Washing away the Jersey Shore, no work for more net worth
Mothaf*cka, I was birthed by the hearth in the earth, moms had mirth
Just that one year-old, chattering, flattering, splattering, staggering
Childhood sing, my innocence would ring
Until the whole world became a Carpenter’s Thing