Hollywood Lies – We Are The Virus Lyrics

This holiday, we are the virus, can’t you see? Boys and girls, write these words down and take up your seats. We are the virus, watch it destroy us all. I’ll beg for forgiveness, but this disease already took its’ toll. What can you do when all your friends have left you here and Ana’s the only one that hasn’t disappeared? You can scream at the top of your lungs for me. But I’ll never shake it, always wear it. Hold it up, I just can’t fake it. Swore it never happened to me. I saw just how vulnerable you were, so we danced until our legs gave out. As the moonlight faded on our skin, I could never forget what we were, what we felt that night. I hope the war between your heart and mind resolves itself, ’cause my lungs are too paralyzed to breathe. And I know that I’m the one you’ll see when you go down. I drop lines like history’s repeating. The ocean is receding my want for conceding the virtue of my meaning to times less endearing. Intimidate the witness under duress, and under-dressed for this occasional affair. It’s common fare for blame to bare towards that which no one else can bear. This belt around my neck seems to tighten with every step you take towards me. This balancing act we’re playing doesn’t seem to be working out some days.