Mikey Omega – Venting Lyrics


[Verse 1: Mikey Omega]
Late nights and early mornings
Bags under my eyes I don’t heed the warnings
I don’t believe most of what people tell me
Honestly, quite possibly for the fact that too many
Have lied to me
Why am I always thinking about the past
Is my present really that bad
And I wonder what the future holds
Damn I think too much
I wish I could be one of those carefree souls
That doesn’t worry about a thing and just goes with the flow oh
And my ex still won’t leave me alone
I know that I should change my number on my phone
But for some reason beyond me I just won’t

[Hook: Miriam Olmedo and Mikey Omega]
I ask what is my purpose
I’m feeling so worthless
Give me a sign
What is my purpose
I’m feeling so worthless
Give me a sign
Please make it obvious this time
Cause otherwise I won’t get the message
I’ve tried to read the bible but I never understand any passage nah

[Verse 2: Mikey Omega]
To my nephew
You know I’ll always take care of you
Anything you want little dude
Just ask your uncle “ikey”
No matter how ridiculous you think it might be
I’ll be, there
I’ve been selfish and shit, worried about myself

I’m sorry for the demons that got to be dealt
It’s not your fault
Its somebody else
And I know I’m your hero like batman with his utility belt
Now I know why I can’t be a player
f*ck a chick, see you later
I get caught up and sprung
Even if it’s obvious to know, she’s a total hoe
I’ll fool myself into thinking that she’s the one


[Verse 3: Mikey Omega]
I think too much
I need to get light headed
Thousand thought stuff
Mixing halogens, faded
Drinking poison, we call it vodka
Life is such a f*ckin soup opera
But f*ck drama, I’m in the comedy section
Young, laugh now cry later when I’m older
Too young to be bitter
Shit I got issues
To better myself I pursue
But no matter how hard I try, it’s something I just can’t do
I’m a fan of music
The only thing that helps me keep my cool
Hot headed kid with a keen ability to write
Even though I never did good in school
I think too much
Two thousand thoughts trying to squeeze through one clutch
I over stress over microscopic problems
For me to be carefree
Well that would be so f*ckin awesome