Mecca Normal – The Message Lyrics

Mother Africa walking along with Stephen Lewis
The dancers are dancing towards the camera
Hips moving real fast

A young woman in a school uniform
Is singing in front of the choir
Singing a song perhaps she wrote
For this occasion this television opportunity
Make no mistake it’s directed at you and me

She sings, “Why me, why him, why her?
Why me, why him, why her?”

But the real question underlies the theme
We know you have the drugs
You keep them under lock and key

In the west away from us
And you choose who lives and dies
Why him, why her, why me?
Why her, why him, and why do you choose?”

Mother Africa takes off her large lens glasses
And wipes her eyes
Stephen Lewis doesn’t look he’s going to cry
He takes the message back
Back to where it’s heard

Why me, why him, why her?
You choose who lives and dies
Why do you choose who lives
Who dies?

Who dies?