Willie V. – Acceptance Lyrics (feat. Rafael Tapia Jr.)

I’ll be honest
I’m a weird motherf*cker, that’s known
I be acting childish, don’t think it’s cool to act so grown
I can be reserved, cause sometimes I care on how you think
Unlike Daniel Barnett who says “f*ck it, being me”
Getting used to being open, reveal everything that’s wrong
From my music choice, the way I dress and the cartoons I watch
From the weed I smoke, these f*cking thoughts on everything I got
I’m getting used to it all, finding out that these are no flaws

I’m just different, I’m unique, way more different than you think
I’ve been doing things that you won’t believe or can’t conceive
Conversating with my thoughts and interdimensional beings
Like a dream, I was learning things that they told me
You saying, “f*ck everybody” and that they should all “go to hell”
But what you project on others will come back unto yourself
Focus on your mental, spiritual and physical health
And don’t worry you’re not alone we are always here for help

Cause deep down you are just another guy
Self-conscious with your fears and self-conscious with your desires
Afraid to admit your darkest thoughts of suicide
Pray to GOD that I can die by the end of the night
But now you can rest in peace, without ever being put to rest
The power of positivity has given me the best

I achieve my goals with finesse, so no more disrespect
And life is no longer a bitch but I am kissing it on her neck cause

I accept, who I am

I accept, who I am (yeah)
I accept, who I am (yeah)


Man, feeling’s for the weak, and that’s a lie to me
I think the most important love, family, knowledge, camaraderie
I looked upon my tendencies and tend to think that these are flaws
I have repressed emotions, better motion, no there’s nothing wrong
Yeah I love to f*ck, yeah I love to go and smoke some weed
Yeah I get self-conscious about the things they have that I don’t need
Yeah I’m happy, yeah there’s parts of me that you will never see
Until recently when I started pouring the emotions on these beats

Oh whoa, let’s just stick the flow
Let’s go hit the coast
Let’s go take a couple shots like we just did a pick and roll
Demons teach me lessons, angels help me through it
Never knew it cause behind all of the pain is a challenge and ends with beauty
Let’s go overseas
Let’s go smoke some weed
Make a beat
Do some Ayuahasca deep in jungles in the trees
Meditate to find the Trinity
The inner me
Just to show the positivity that has been entering

I have been changing my life turn to making it right
At the end of the life I want love in my eyes
Plans to devise
Break your demise
Changing the cycle of taking in lies
Cooling the fire
Changing my place
Work on the mind
Changing the state
High on the rise
Rocking my style
Spreading this love ‘fore I’m taken away

[Sax solo]