Willie V. – Step Within My Brain Lyrics

Dark: (Laughs) This is stupid as shit. You cut off everybody so you can do what? Sit alone in a room and try to find yourself? That’s so f*cken cliche bro

Light: Don’t listen to what he’s saying. You say you want to find yourself well this is a starting point

Dark: Find yourself? All you do is sit, meditate, and f*cken read what the f*ck are you really doing?

Light: You’re seeing how you act without the impression of others, and don’t worry, trust me, you got this

Dark: You got this? You really don’t. All you talk about are those stupid ass voices in your head. Nobody wants to hear that, nobody wants to hear about us. Listen, you’re not shit, and you will never be shit, you understand that?

I’ve been
Living this mental cold
Thinking bout making a show
From Peri paris to scope
Listen to Tip & J. Cole
Vibing through my own earphones
Writing in my book of notes
Book of Eli travel from coast to coast
Changing molecular codes
Once they are letting you know
How they expect him to flow
Play an impeccable role
Soul’s into getting the gold
Think of instrumentals
Smoke shots of hot pot
And other endo

You curious if I’m getting stacks
Listen back
I’m making cash like aristocrats
I’ll lick your cat
Then bust nuts and hit your back
Won’t hit you back
I’m telling you that this won’t last
(I am)

Never slowing down I move faster than stallions
She wanna go and party I’d rather read the Kybalion
I’d rather smoke some DMT and enter another state
‘Nother time
‘Nother place
‘Nother world
‘Nother plane

Once I figure out the meaning of my life
Then I’ll die
Be revived
Wake up in the morning with a peace of mind
With the sunrise
In the sun’s eyes
As I thrive
Watching your demise
As I’m overcoming mine

But there’s a lot to do
More skills to improve
Lines to improvise
More people to include
On my journey through

The world of games
They claim I am supremely deranged
This gets so insane
Take a step within my brain

Light: See! Just like that. You gotta start being more open about things man, you repress a lot of issues you know

Dark: Good, keep them shits repressed. Nobody wants to hear you bitch about shit, everybody has their own problems to worry about why would they ever care about yours?

Light: Everybody has their own way of overcoming their issues. This music thing, just happens to be one of your ways

Dark: Sooo you’re just gonna keep losing your social life for this. Welp, I guess we might as well be your only friends now bitch

Light: Take the time to find out who you are. You can’t keep trying to be others… what others want you to be. Be open. So.. who are you?.. Really?

I am a
Weird medic
Soul bender
Love sender
World blender
Within him

Soul is apart of the heaven
He entered
In mental
While testin
The message
Of lessened depictions

Avoiding the poison perscriptions
I restrict this
Staying away from toxic emissions
Kinda senseless
To hang around people altering my focus mission
My commission is distant from division

And this meditation
Can really take you places
Save your faces
I’m stealing bases
To home platers
Knocking out the players
On the way in
Leave em’ on the ground
Like the greatest
Night out in Vegas
Now they decaying

I am a professional writer
Might just hit up studios and let em’ know I’m combusting up fire
My ego ain’t zero
But we know
This dude is a hero
Passing the Beatles
Evil Knievel
And the Greatest Bambino

I’ve been getting a little bit raunchy
With the bong hits
Before the concerts
Let’s be honest
With the comments
And the thotties
Getting naughty
Trynna lock me
Cause we had a deeper bonding
I know that I may come off as a little strange
I improvise
Think about it
Then rearrange

One of the few niggas who didn’t have to slang
To understand me, take a step within my brain

Light: Don’t let your demons fool you. Just because you make mistakes doesn’t mean you’re a bad person yo

Dark: And yeah, just because hoes suck dick for money doesn’t make them hoes. You sound hella stupid shut the f*ck up

Light: We’re all human, prone to slipping up from time to time and your job is to catch those mistakes and learn from them so they don’t happen again. And you have a long way to go. You’re biggest battles will be from the inside and how you treat yourself from within is how you treat life, and everybody on the out. You’re demons can be your biggest blessings AND your greatest teachers

Dark: You hear that? He called me a blessing AND a teacher, so listen to what the f*ck I have to say bitch

Light: If you can love your worst enemy, you can love all others. So, sit down, straighten up, take a deep breath in… And a deep breath out. Accept everything about you because it’s what makes you.. you. I mean there’s not that much to it. And this.. This right here.. This is what peace of mind feels like