Tion Wayne – Intro Lyrics


Money first then my eyes close
From a good yute to a psycho
I’m that nigga that they rate on the mic tho
But they hate on the roads nigga try know
This my letter to the roads
Been a mad time but soon I got to go
Started off hood rapping with the bros
So I’m still baffed when I’m getting money for a show
Banged a lot of niggas in their face
I did 2 bill moves then put Gucci on my waist
Now I got P’s for a crib and a Range
So I’m thinking in my head “Whens a nigga gonna change?”
It cool tho, take it in my [?]
If I don’t blow then Terry from the 9 will
Even when I finish with this road ting
Violate me and you still will get a poking

‘Cause I can’t help the way my mind changes
One day you goin’ see me in the front pages
Hope you don’t see me for the wrong reasons
Tryin’ to have a 100 mill when I’m not dreaming
A lot of niggas want to take my life
Need to make a choice either fight or flight
You already know nigga, I’ma ride
People goin’ still say my name if I’m not alive
If I love you then trust me I’m the nicest
If I know you got the belly then your boys Peaking
Then I watch crime watch with my heart beating
Live a bad life but I polish it
Still got my Cartier through the politics
Big shanks, big [?]
I get money everyday I ain’t stopping it