Megan Thee Stallion – Girls In The Hood Lyrics

[Lyrics from Snippet]

… came with a Magnum
It never happened if them bitches wasn’t snappin’
I’m a hot girl, I do hot shit
That’s when his shit come on my outfit
I don’t text quick ’cause I ain’t thirsty

…Bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch (Ha)
I’m sick of motherf*ckers tryna tell me how to live (Ha)
Whack hoes hate under my pictures on the ‘Gram (Ugh)

Bitch you better hope I never run across your man, uh
In the mall wit’ ’em (Uh, uh), I’ma have a ball wit’ ’em (Woah)
Somebody call Rihanna, I’m about to [?] wit’ ’em
He f*ckin’ with Thee Stallion ’cause he in the wild wit’ me
Legs on his head, now he love tall women (Ugh, ugh, ahh)