Jxylen – Still Here Lyrics

Long I have to
Deal with this
The same shit
From niggas that close
To feeling me
Miss me with that
Been back tracking
Shit I don’t deserve
And it hurts
Through the dirt
They might just
Leave me in a hearse
Tryna find life
Better off dead
When viewed from hindsight
Get my mind right
It’s f*ck my feelings
In this limelight

Despite I
Nigga nothing’s sweet
From parts of me
For free
Your left deceased
From beats
I’m feeding
Like it’s cheese

You know I need it
Sit back
And lose your mind
And trap your thoughts

Between this rat race
Your piece of mind
Was always lost

Coming at your f*cking
So I
Just tossed It
They always asking why I’m raw
Just know
That i just lost it
It’s hard shit

Another feeling of mine
That’s in my chest
Yeah yeah
Another victim of mine
So he can rest
Yeah yeah
Many nights where I cried
Hoping for death
What’s next
You can see it in my eyes
Nothings left