Jimmy Ruffin – Lonely Lonely Man Am I Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Lonely, lonely man am I
As I sit here in my lonely room yeah
People now, nothing’s been the same since you said to me
We were all through
Now, my my telephone never rings anymore (never rings)
And no one ever knocks on my door
Lonely, lonely man am I

[Verse 2]
People now, sometimes I sit and I stare at her picture all day long oh yeah
Wondering how could a woman that I treated so good do me so wrong my my my
Now, no sense in me denying

Ever since she’s been gone I’ve been crying
Lonely, lonely man am I

[Verse 3]
Listen to me now I, haven’t been able to be all right
She said to me to try to sleep at night
Everywhere I look, our picture lies a-face
I’m just a lonely man with a tear-stained face
Lonely, lonely man am I

Oh yeah my life is filled with a whole lotta blue yeah
So lonely
I wanna say I’ll hardly ever leave my lonely lonely