Kresnt – Northern Bars Lyrics

[Verse ]

What’s longevity
It’s what been stressing me
Late nights so they ain’t ever forgetting me
I’m sick dawg reach if you know a vet to see
This my legacy
Odds are we even out so place the bets on me
Very raw but I’m good with my raps
Shirtless but got the hood on my back
I been clever my whole life
They walk all over you when you show manners and be polite
But shawties love me i could never pull light
Like a bull fight
I get mad when I’m Left on red
I hit up nani
Say I gotta catch a body
Say less we get popping buzz me in the lobby
You know what happens when kresnt step up in the party
Alot of fake love but that won’t ever stop me
We wrote the manuel so can’t get mad when they copy
But shit at this rate they’ll never go and top me
Reality checks start to hit me
And shawties after one night start to miss me
Small talk
For all thots
Man imma stay relevant
A blessing for the people yeah i swear I was heaven sent
They trapping outside well shit for the hell of it
And i ain’t give a f*ck cause i use to go and sell a bit

Not an image I would ever glorify
I kept a book of secrets plus way more inside
But it made the man that you see
Don’t think less of me

But welcome to my legacy
I’m not just a local artist
Man I always thought bigger
Well shit man you need a vivid picture
These are not verses
These are straight from a scripture
From the movement i created
Use the fuel when they hated
To become the greatest
Like mama we made it
The brothers from the basement
The same dreams we chasing
That couldn’t record past 9pm cause pops was sleeping
Only had the weekend
But honestly we still did it
We low key about everything
That’s why it’s no cap
All facts
Look around we still in dependant
Broke records Allah still in the pendant
I don’t have vengeance
Arguments of percentage
That left me with a bitter taste
Still put them in there place
While these dream getting chase
Went straight to our liver
While Chasing all these figures
Man Go figure

FaceTime with Ken lewis
As he shows the views
Then process to say nobody’s working as hard as you
Damn yall baby food
The flow wavy It could have been in the navy too

Late nights no sleep well just a double cup
Hardly make mistakes but I’m always f*cking up
I reflected and yes I got revenge
For there sins well shit i repent