Summrs – Giela Giela Lyrics

I’m not into you

Yeah (yeah, yeah)
Margiela, Margiela, Margiela, Margiela, Margiela
Margiela, Margiela
Margiela, yeah, Margiela
Margiela, Margiela, Margiela (Yeah)

[Verse 1]:
We ain’t broke lil’ fella, my niggas up in Margiela
I’m getting pissed off, this bitch f*cking up my schedule, yeah
I’m getting pissed off ’cause the bitch really think she special
I just seen five racks, lil’ nigga, you ain’t seen that never
I’m finna bust down the bezel, yeah
Finna change my fit like a channel
This nigga funny like he do stand up, yeah
I’ma just run them bands up
This bitch being too extra, want me to f*ck her all night on camera
She wanna be a lil’ pornstar
Want me to put her on camera
We got a whole pint, got a pint, got a pack in, yeah
f*cked a nigga bitch now he in his feelings now, yeah, yeah
Disrespect my brother, I got to kill you now, yeah
I could feel the lil’ purp’ in my kidney now, yeah, yeah
f*cked up off the f*cking drugs, yeah
f*cked up off the f*ckin doja
Bitch, I ain’t rocking no Gosha
f*cking this bitch- uh-huh
f*cking this bitch, I’m like “so what?”

Pass her to Pee, I’m like “so what?”
He want me gone, I’m like “so what?”
Think about what you gon do, bro
When we run up on you with that cobra
When we run up on you with that soaker
We play with the nigga like poker, uh
Richer than you, you broker
I got a lot of weight up on my shoulders
She want to come and kick shit with the Sojas
Why I keep f*cking my locals?
She wanna f*ck up my vocals
20/20 vision, bifocals
They watching me like a Roku
Powering up like I’m Goku
Play with them racks I could show you
Cut off my bitch ’cause she old news
Bitch, I ain’t even gon f*ck you
Bitch, you could go f*ck Kankan
I just popped another xan-xan
Five bands make her dance-dance
Me and Ben Frank, we real twins
Me and being broke we old friends
Tell me where your f*cking show is so we can shoot up the whole shit
Change up on me that is some hoe shit
f*cked the same hoe that’s some bro shit
f*ck that lil’ hoe, bitch, I’m focused

Margiela, Margiela Margiela Mar-
Margiela, Margiela, Margiela, Margiela, Margiela, Margiela