Cara Dillon – Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor Lyrics

You maidens now pity this sorrowful moan I make
I am a young maiden in grief for my darling sake
My true lovers absence in sorrow I grieve full sore
And each day I lament for my Jimmy mó mhíle stór
Now these twelve months and better my darling has left these shores
And he’ll never return till he travels the wide world o’er
And when he comes back he’ll have silver and gold in store
He’s the truest of lovers my Jimmy mó mhíle stór
My father and mother they never will give my head peace

Since my true love has left me to sail o’er the storm seas
They would give me sweetheart with money and flocks and more
But my heart o’er the ocean with Jimmy mó mhíle stór
I will go to the wild woods and stay there the rest of my days
Where no living mortal will suffer my soul to tease
And amongst the wild rowans with red berries all drooping o’er
And I’ll wait for my true love, Yeh, I’ll wait for my true love
I’ll wait for my true love my Jimmy mó mhíle stór