Courtney Marie Andrews – Only In My Mind Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In my mind, there is a house
In a small forest grove
Made of cherry logs and chimney smoke
Is always pourin' from the stove
In my mind, you're there sometimes
Dancin' with a glass of wine
Laughin' as I come to join you
Under the dim living room light
But it is only in my mind

[Verse 2]
In my mind, love was easy
A dreamy happy ending
Full of passion never fleeting
Full of feeling and surprise
In my mind, love was unchanging
Every demand was worth meeting
Every bad day worth defeating
Love made every wrong seem right
But it was only in my mind

[Verse 3]
In my mind, you forgave me
For all of my mistakes
For being sad and selfish
For the loneliness I create
In my mind, I got better
I was more thoughtful of others
Never judgmental or stubborn
Always gracious, giving, and kind
But it was only in my mind
[Verse 4]
In my mind, life was a road
Without any turns
Every chance was given
No hard lessons to be learned
And in my mind, I had the answers
Every dream was within sight
Every heartache could be mended
Happiness came with time
But it was only in my mind
Yes, it was only in my mind