Crippled Black Phoenix – Lost Lyrics

I see you and the damage done
We are but lost humans
I see you, what have we become?
We are but lost humans

Set in motion, the great fall
Such devotion to annihilate all
You don't care for much
Just not wise enough to heed the call
We are lost as humans!

As everything fades by your touch, turning into dust
The dangerous nature of an ignorant mind
The final fall for mankind

You don't seem to care for much
You're just not wise enough to heed the call…
We are lost as humans!

Nature is calling, heed its warning
The future is fading, apocalypse in the making
The bells are ringing

You have failed them, future generations failed
Bells are ringing
Bells are ringing
We are we are we are we are lost
We are lost as humans!