Peter Percy – Forever Lyrics

Forever I want to be yours
Forever you want to be mine
Let's do all we can
To make it to the end
Moment to love each other
Time to put our heads together
I want you to come closer
Just to make our love stronger

I remember first day we've met
To get you that's all I bet
Never make you mad or upset
All i want is our love to be set
You really really complete my life
You make me honest and so nice
If you looking deep in my heart
How you take me out from the dark
Baby you change me completly
I want you to know that I'm happy
With you i really want to be
Clearly that, you can see

With you I'm out of trouble

Without you I'm miserable
You more precious that diamond and gold
When you not here i feel so cold
Baby let's be an example
To all age groups of people
Show them that love can be handle
With God everything's possible
I'm not ashame to say I love you
All that matter is me and you
With you life has another view
I know well false or true
I want to be yours
You want to be mine ,forever,forever
Listen my heart beating
Hear my soul singing
You're my queen ,my everything
You're the only one that vibrate me
The only only one for me
You kinda make me go crazy
I'm proud that you are my lady