Roc Marciano – Kill You Lyrics


(Movie Dialogue)

Shit nigga

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]

Get your wig lumped and bumped off
Chopped the front of the pump off
It was short
f*ck all the corny talk
My dogs make 40’s pour
Shorty, why make a short story long?
Might drop you off a couple stories
Just when brothers thought shit
Was hunky dory
Thanks sweetie, hit it easy
Like Sunday morning
24 7 Ballin
Money callin
It’s pourin in
I copped foreign on em
The block was not the proper forum
I had to lay in the cut
If it’s on, it’s on, and it’s on
We don’t kiss and make up
This shit ain’t fake
We ain’t just makin this up
I get you stripped from chain to naked butt
I was just supposed to be making runs
Major funds, dip the fake ones
Chopped the game up
Gave it some razor bumps
That made the baby face rough
Take it from us
We had to take stuff
From anks to bracelets to Jacobs
Beam on the K
This ain’t no motherf*cking lazer gun
Shit’ll flame you up chump
Should have known I was dangerous
From the jump
You need some work
This is a tummy tuck (tummy tuck)
Uncut drugs that came from Columbia
Drugs and ugly Colombians
Trust I was under 21
A younger son
Nothing’s new under the sun
Knew I would be someone
Prior to my first release

They said the East was done
A fan of yours
Peace before the reaper come

[Verse 2: Roc Marciano]

I do my dirt all by my lonesome
As far as drugs go
Sold some
Two loaded guns for
When the folks come
The drum is filled with slugs
Might have to throw some
Shots by the neighbors
Think I woke some
Woke em like the gold sun
I rap with my nose up
With my tux and
My glass of mimosa
Oh you think you know so much?
“Well, maybe a little”
Makes lady a widow
With the bathwater
Don’t throw the baby
Out the window
We gonna lead a sting (leave sting)
Gonna bleed a few leaders
As soon you gonna be at peace
These ain’t no pea shooters
And we ain’t shooting ??
My street shit deep rooted
You catch two in your Jeep
I’m a sheik
We don’t fit in with sheep
The stones in my pinky
Look like a fifty piece
You niggas been gettin beat
Suck a dick
Your jeans got rips in the knees
Shit, if anything
Your bitch will try to
Key my Jeep
Clean you up
Give you the sweep
Creep, TLC
Get you to slid in the Benz GLE
We elite
Your Lamborghinis is leased
Panties leakin
Santorini Greece

Muhf*cker I’m a beast


(Movie Dialogue)