Jpegmafia – I Smell Crack Lyrics

You niggas delusional trying to vote for Bernie Sanders..
That nigga ain't gonna get shit done, he f*cking crazy
Uh, safe, safe, safe, safe, for the pimp
Uh, vote for Peggy
Vote for Peggy (I feel it in my gut)
Yo, smell it

[Hook 1]
I smell p*ssy, I smell crack (damn)
I smell weed, yo, what's up with that? (damn)
I see the feds (ooh), I got the drop
Scope on his head, who called the cops? (damn)

[Verse 1]
Young Peglord on the mic, never flop (never flop)
You don't get the picture so you bitches gettin' cropped (skrr)
Flea market, shawty, I've been setting up the shop (uh huh)
The game got me noticed (what)
Add ons kept me hot (choo)
Young JPEG on the road to rebellion (SKEEE)
You niggas better cuff your children (choo)
How you gonna tell me about the keys and the trees? (how?)
Guns registered and they voting Hillary (yeah)

[Hook 2]
I smell p*ssy (okay), I smell crack (okay)
I smell weed (damn), yo, what's up with that? (I don't know)
I smell bacon (uh huh), who called the cops? (shit)
I spilled liquor (yo), yo, who got the mop? (woah)

[Verse 2]
Money don't die, only niggas do (only niggas do)
Fix your f*cking mouth 'fore I get at you (get at you)
Send a cracker's soul, I'm so spiritual (send it, send it)
Never going out like a jigaboo (yo)
Ride downtown to a nigga house (what?)
Ski mask on, pull a nigga out (chuh)
I don't see your family out here
I'ma help you find God out there (woop woop)
f*ck with me, I f*ck with you
p*ssy ass cracker, what you wanna do? (nigga)
I'ma get you so comfortable (bitch)
f*ck your life up like a huxtable (Cosby)
Bitch, I'm Bill Cosby, bitch, I'm the man (hey)
Bitch, I'm the king with this mic in my hand (yo)
Young Peglord, rookie life with a vet flow
f*ck Lupe, kill a coon with a dress code, uh
I don't see none of these niggas (yuh)
I don't see none of these niggas
I just see bitches, I see the rip in your picture
And spotted the bitch in your scripture, f*cker (f*cker)

Uh, I smell crack or something like that
Death Grips can't do that, bitch
(It don't smell right u-)