Chris Travis – Actavis Lyrics

Ridin' through my hood lookin' for them bitches
Smokin' on dope as I hit them switches
Deuce Deuce tucked in a young nigga britches
Mind on my money but a murder came wit it
Thinkin' that a young black man gotta get it
Reefer in my blunt man I swear I gotta hit it
Wanted to stop but a nigga can't quit it
Left out the club but his bitch came with me
Crazy shit huh? Chris Travis for you dummies
Sippin' codeine got me feelin' like a zombie
Poppin' them pills got me feelin' kinda funny
Chris f*ckin' Travis and yo ho wanna f*ck me
But I'm just chillin' we can f*ck in the morning
Smokin' on mids when my dank gets boring

My bitch on my side keep a young nigga soaring
f*ck wit a nigga just ride with me
And roll somthin' up get high with me
Only real niggas in the sky with me
Now vibe to this hypnotizin' shit
Girl shut up you better ride this dick
Hoes on my dick cause they know a nigga steezin'
Kush so loud man it got a nigga sneezin'
If yo bitch left then nigga I'm the reason
Smokin' on packs ashin' on a bitch cleavage
Full of them drugs as I'm ridin' through the night
Codeine in my cup got a nigga fellin' right
Pretty bitch on my side and she on that shit tonight
Take her back to my crib my nigga its only right