Chris Travis – Give And Go Lyrics

Aye, yeah
Old money, aye aye aye
Shawty where my money, yea
Shawty where my money, yea
Aye where my money

Yeah I get it in, four years in
Feeling like twenty, these rappers kids
Smoking by myself, nigga don't pass
Came in first but left out last
Watch the f*cking paint, it's dripping like the drank
I get big money, you get pocket change
Say they pray for change but can't change theyself
Still on the top and I ain't ask for help
Watch your f*cking step, aye I'm coming through
Two thousand for my shoes, could have been a fool
But I played it smart
Made it out the heart
Of my f*cking city
Now where do I start?
Moved to LA, it's time to get paid

Met up with L's
Shit ain't been the same
Boy I changed the game, left my mark in it
You just jump ships when they start sinking
Park anywhere, f*ck the damn blinkers
All these lame niggas really fooling people
Roll up with my heater, I can't trust a soul
I know you heard it once but ima say it mo'
Give and go, aye
Give and go, aye
Give and go, aye
Sipping slow, aye
I got a slow pace, stick and move race
I don't like to date, I just want the face
I just want the cake, I don't need no feelings
Higher than a grace, I don't need no ceilings
All these blunts I face, aye
All these blunts I face, take me away