Chris Travis – H20 Lyrics

We vibin’, We vibin’
We vibin’, We vibin’
We vibin’, We vibin’

1, 2, 3 bitch
Don’t f*ck with me
And I don’t want to f*ck ho
Shit I’m trying to go to sleep
Pour a 4, and a 2
And I’m good for some hours
Put my dick up in your bitch
And reproduce some purple flowers
Bitch I’m Kenshin Travis
All these other nigga’s cowards
Baby I can pop a pill
And we can f*ck for some hours
Or we can sip drank
And talk about your life and how it
Don’t be worried ’bout a thang girl
I swear the world ours
Nigga’s on the side line
Watch a real nigga ball
No you niggas hate it
But the flow won’t fill a lot of ya’ll
Me and all my niggas stay flexing in America
Ridin’ in your hood
Like mothaf*cka we ain’t scared of ya

[Hook x2]
And we sipping
And we ridin’
And she moaning when I get in side it

She got lost cause, my words hypnotizing
Said, sit back and just vibe bitch

[Verse 2]
Baby, I ain’t even tryna get a conversation
I just wanna take you home and pull out them damn laces
And if ya nigga run his mouth
I’ma give his ass some braces
She tell me stop sippin’
I said baby I (?)
She sippin’ crazy lately
But I don’t even say shit
Cause I don’t want my problems interfering with relations
And girl, I f*ck with you
Cause I swear you were my favorite
But now you can’t trust me cause you think a nigga made it
These other bitch nothing
I can tell you why they hating
They want to see you down
But you gotta move safely
But girl I’m right beside you
Just don’t let the devil take me
And when you in my nightmares
Girl I swear that you awake me

[Hook x2]

And that was for you