Chris Travis – On The Town Lyrics

Hello.. How you doin
I’ve been meanin to talk to you
You been goin through some thangs
I feel it, I feel it

I’m just thinkin thoughts in my brain thats okay
Baby where you goin you the same there’s no way
I’ve been doin what I need to get to give me some cake
I’ve been doin what I gotta do n I got faith
If you try to cross me nigga you will turn into bait
Ion fuc with these niggas that constantly hate
I’ve been doin what I need to do for life
I gotta survive my nigga give me all my stripes
Ion fuc with these with niggas that’s alright
Ion fuc with these pussies thats alright

I get p*ssy every day n fucin night
I love p*ssy man that’s all I need thas right
All I need is some water on some ice
Waterboyz for mothafucin life
Yall done started a dam monster
Where you at my nigga you will get punished
Im so mothafucin high I can’t get under
Y’all niggas ain’t shit to my stomach
Nigga I’ve been doin what I do for life
Say it once well bitch nigga I’ma say it twice

I drop down on her
I put it down on her
I lay it down on her
Im on the town on her
Im high as fuc
On the town on her