Chris Travis – We Od Lyrics (feat. Bones)

[Intro: Chris Travis]
You know?
Just been thinkin’ ’bout everything
Uh, everything we’ve done, oh my god
Damn, beautiful

[Hook: Chris Travis & Bones]
Waterboys on deck, Team Sesh on deck
Waterboys on deck, Team Sesh on deck
Waterboys on deck, Team Sesh on deck
Waterboys on deck, Team Sesh on deck

[Verse 1: Chris Travis]
Beautiful lilly, she lickin’ my dick
Ho, don’t you touch me or try to kiss
Livin’ my life, tryin’ to get rich
Don’t got no money, you can’t be my bitch
Ain’t drinkin’ water, you ain’t in my clique
She sippin’ lean and she swallow my kids
Um, pause, deep in her walls
f*ck and we sleep then we pop Adderalls
She f*ck me good then go work at her job
I am the man but I am a god
Drinkin’ my water and smokin’ my pot
My dick is a coin, insert in her slot
Bitches worth money, a p*ssy been bought
My dick is golden, the f*ck did you thought?
Your bitch been chose to come f*ck at the loft
One night pass, after that, it’s goin’ to cost
Waterboys on deck, Team Sesh on deck
Kenshin Travis ’bout checks

Straight calls, no texts
No money, no rent
White Benz, black tint
f*ck with my niggas and you will get marked
Come in the target, we shoot you like darts


[Verse 2: Bones]
All of my bitches drink water (water)
All of my bitches look gorgeous (gorgeous)
All of my bitches eat healthy (healthy)
All of my bitches live longer (longer)
Drugs hard but I’m harder (harder)
Gone, so they always callin’ (callin’)
No phone on me (on me)
‘Til I’m buzzin’ like a Motorola
I’m smokin’ like a locomotive (Sesh)
Get cash and I float (Bones)
I’m livin’ life to that fullest
Floor covered in that roaches
Shades on like Jodeci
Hear the flow and they know it’s me
No response, so these bitches goin’
Go and try to get close to me
Fall back, I tell her fall back
Call me, I won’t call back
Crawl back to your boyfriend
Go and tell him that he’s all that
He’s on your mind all the time
Never heard of you’re a different person
Say you love him, but you really don’t
Rather f*ck, rather roll my dope