Chester Watson – Taxi Ghost Lyrics (feat. Ria & Sima Itayim)

I’m seeing ghosts
I talk to the paranormal, i’m a host
Mami in Ferragamo and she cultured
Moldin her pheromones like I could Coach her
C-c-c-cold i’m freeze, Burr
Smoking on golden leaves
I’m too lit, woe is me
On a ship overseas
And i’m doing yoga. i’m a young yoda
I had the force since i was a jit
I keep my lane closed. and keep my composure
f*ck with your nose you not in the clique
Nü Age a cosmic quartet from abyss
Me I been clocking more sex with my chick
Kinda obvi, my obsessions are clear
I look at myself see no reflections in mirrors
I’m dead

Now i’m on top with the clique
We might go shopping at Fifths
Juun.j, and Muji, and ILU up on me, Balеnciagas for the kicks
I made it so that only my death makе this shit end. i gotta make ends meet
All my writing mad surreal but i never pretend. so my psyche distinct
Uber Driver in the front
Taxi Ghost to my right
We left airport and caught that Uber pool around 10:33 at night
Felt like the acid kicked in overdrive
She morphed into water right before my eyes
I eel in love the terror, the sight
But i know my anxiety will never be fine
f*ck it