Chester Watson – Yokai Lyrics (feat. Psymun, Kanisono, Fifi Rong & Kent Loon)

Yo I’m with the Yokai chillin
On the throne, like trippin
In my zone type shit
I’m in my own light
Always keep some gold ice hidden in my clothes, like Biggie
Nigga froze with a little bit smoke
No never in rush. like my cup i take it slow yuh
This that mud, this that drank, this that poh up
I must be a heretic cause i’m getting stoned
21 but I been paid and my Wardrobe
Look like a fashion yin yang, ILU on me pristine

Never catch a pit stain, Ornate like the sistine
Eighth floor i see Biscayne. life is not a mystery
I just peep how shit changed. keep it in my memory
Got a lotta grim tales leaking from my stem cells yuh
Always leaking from my stem cells
Catching up on folklore, lying on the cold floor
My only regret in life is that I didn’t know more