SEON – Break Me Down

[prod. Ocean]

I’ve been trying hard, but I still fail
A little bit depressed, I don’t know if you could tell
Tell me I’m on Earth, but I feel like I’m in hell
Cuz my heart’s been burn by the time in that cell
My mistakes I could take it back,
but I wish I could’ve waisted too much with the things they were never good
Selling drugs to get the money that I wish I’d never need
How to wreck some of my [?] but I knew that they would leave
Wasn’t cause [?] to take away my dreams
But I have plans to be a teacher, now they tell me can’t be
I’m a three time felon, but I’m still not free
Now I’m just another loser that would never sixty
Remember that day when she ran, never saw her my room
Crying, need the help, but I didn’t know what to do
Wish I were to kill them, but she told me not to
Never said the sorry for what he has done to you
But I guess I am to blame should’ve never left you alone on that day
I have one more to list my mistakes
All I do is fail
How do I have faith in a world full of suffering?
They will never come till I learn to love again
Anyway [?] losing them, think I’d be better off when I’m dead

Break me down,
Falling out

But I’m free now, trying not to bleed out