O’hene Savant – Savantism Lyrics

Ha ha ha ha
See? I wrote this album in a week
That's how easy it is

Verse 1:
I drift inside my subconscious, flooded by death imagery and thug mantras, drug operas
Sung in the key of monsters bloody concerts
My light emanates through theses divine works
This is my church, I'm baptized in 5 hertz of wise words
All in God terms
Endowed with rhythm the album give 'em sound precision plus poetic algorithm
Now listen
I'm the Shakespeare of the tape era dark skinned with the pen fool I don't play fair
I can't hear your respect or hating
My brain's trained to interpret them as the same thing
I process sound as not just sound seeing colors much dimmer in that processed sound which means
I'm too big for 2 bit music, just like 2 licks ain't a
Challenge for Ludwig
I'm gon' get you
My way of thinking is orchestral
The Lord's vessel bring harmonies like quartets do
See? I'm more special than the lot of 'em this is the definition of Savantism


Listen to this
It's Savantism all day all night listen
Say I'm the sixth member
Spit timbre that'll dismember
I rap a lot the 24th of December

Wait hold up…y'all ain't hear that so Imma have to
Say that part again

Verse 2:
I said the sixth member
That spit timbre that'll dismember
I rap a lot the 24th of December
I'm buzz light year y'all are just right here
Should cut my right ear and get a buzz like yeah
That's that Vincent, I been sent to pen since a infant
When I die I'mma leave a imprint
I'm sick of
All these rappin' novice
Makes me wanna turn Jackson Pollock
The judge doesn't have to call it
See the ones in the back acknowledge
My raps retarded
Relax retard it
To grasp this artist you need classes
Tracks is gorgeous
The canvas Goya's
Outlandish portraits
Bananas oranges
You cats is choruses
Very repetitive
I damage forces
Of every competitor
You never should mess with us