Mickey Shiloh – That Got Too Deep Lyrics (feat. Matt Martino)

Damn damn damn…ok…got some competition
Ya ya ya ya
What the f*ck is this?

[Verse 1: Matt Martino]
L pick you up in my jeep (i been waiting)
Mickey called me dropping EPs
They don’t call me up 
Less' they want me for..
Somethin new bae. Something new bae 
But I’m on my own
On my own vibe
Making moves…making moves
Call me when I’m gone
Drinking Henny when i’m all alone
I am not alone (You are not alone) when you’re with me

[Hook: Mickey x Matt]
Hold up that got too deep Tino
That got too deep (what you mean?)
That got too deep
That got too deep
What do you mean? (I mean…)
I’m doing me…(ok then)
Bitches can’t see I’m what they need so

[Verse 2: Mickey]
I’m drinking all the time
My demons are itemized
Tequila, Henny what the f*ck is it gon be tonight?
I don’t wanna go back to that rehab (CAST)
I didn’t even have a problem.. that’s what she had
Poppin’ pills I didn’t wanna pop
Shove ‘em down my throat one more time, ima really drop dead on you!
(RIP Mickey)
Been med-free since 2016 July 03
Sorry…I wasn’t supposed to tell you that…no
Are you even listening though?
Prolly on your instagram (scroll)
Looking at your niggas friends (scroll)
Looking at your niggas pictures
Tryna figure out if this bitch is the one thats been on him at 2am, like “where u been?”