Frisco – Black Man Lyrics

Black man fighting for survival
Tryna stay alive for my kids, I'm their idol
Raised in the system designed for me to take the L
So when you see us going hard that's vital
Please don't call me urban
I don't think it, I'm certain
Black king but they're tryna make me feel like that's a burden
Still chasing the money
An' even when you get it they respec' it on the sly
Still look at man funny
The most oppressed understand the stress
That's not a angry black girl, that's a empress
We live life but we know death
Police kill a black man, then we protest
Listen, I swear down, man, I'm tired now
We need change right now or we riot now
Talk up, this ain't no time to be quiet now
I ain't taking time, this ain't no time for a timeout
The biggest threat in the world ain't no nuclear bomb
If black people untie you know every ting's long
Could you imagine it?
Yeah, I know man, mad ting
I just pray and wait for the day man pattern it
They just hope an' pray, it don't happen, they couldn't manage it
I'm so me, I'm so black wid it
I'm on point, I'm on track wid it
They're killing off black people so if you're ridin' out, I'm backin' it
An' to be honest, man the truth of the matter, all lives don't matter until black lives matter
Darg, this is bigger than a postcode passa

Everyday new clip, new killin', mazza
Turn ya card an' work twice as hard to level with someone you know you're better than
That's kinda hard
They here the bars and say I'm kinda hard, forget that
Cah' right now all I'm tryna do is highlight the scars
Years of oppression, years o' self-hate
Years of killin' each other, years of walking with the weapon
I ain't tryna hate, I don't care what you reckon
Don't think it's racist? Here, come learn you a lesson
You got us feeling like our lives at threat
I can't breathe with your knee on my kneck
We bleed the same, can't you see that it's red?
Can't believe what I seen on the 'net
PDC, y'know we pray days change
Wanna see change? Darg, you gotta change
Colour of my skin means I'm already guilty
Don't trust the police, you know a lot of them are filthy
Black an' I'm proud, I say it over an' over
Love black lives like the way you love black culture
We just wanna fair shot, but we can't get it
Now you wonder why we got this big chip on our shoulder
Bring forth your humanity into your weapon
And the biggest weapon in the world today is the power of love
Love is your colour today! Yeah?
You are not black, you are not white, you are the colour of love!
Number 1s! Number 1!
Justice for Belly! Justice for Belly!
Justice for Belly! Justice for Belly!