Deep Puddle Dynamics – More From June Lyrics

It’s as if time itself were winding down

I remember the first time noticed that they noticed
I tried to warn the soldiers but them got caught in the show-biz
Don’t know if you know and I don’t care if you care
But I don’t see what you see when you sit and stare
Into that great big wide open field of poppy seeds
Mommie’s best friend once again
For the love of God must not like me
Otherwise why’d he strike me
To a cage that fits so forsakenly tightly
Oh don’t worry about him, he’s just a little feisty
Tends to get that way without his medicine nightly
Might we discredit it when we don’t get it
Maybe shave it and bathe it within a tub full of unleaded
Forever I’ll stay indebted to the weather and essence
Of why I was blessed to walk amongst these peasants
I take my place with a smile on the inside of my face
Welcome to my world
New grave

How many legends will you follow before you question their words?
Is every lesson for tomorrow? Will the sunrise really hurt?
And is this as written? The barcode
Does the thinking leave your heart cold?
If you know you’re low on charcoal, what’s desires fire worth?
A lonely man is only startled by a moon carried for earth
Stay away, cause now the stars know that their tunnel universe will crumble when they leave the garrote puddle then energy sorrow Snuggled up close to a dark hole of the social undisturbed

Aaaargh the ??? holds on tight
No worries, ??? sit still anesthetic, still anesthetic
??? announces “you’re a lucky man, you’ve suffered quite the fixative”

Finally my thoughts are clear and I am by myself again
The medicine wasn’t so bad and now I sport this healthy grin
The music’s gone, the spirit’s strong
And so I can build a new song, I guess I’m off
These pillows on these walls might just help me win

Me on TV broken fall within
We all come with a long-term delay
??? to awful under a blanket statement
Ain’t it the utmost insulting your whole perspective
Total stalematrix
Visionary, take these mortals; ??? all immoral
My halo exists like that
Postcard, it’s for your kids
Hip hop, my boiling point
Old movies, my childhood
??? sketch
Incomparable, it’s my excuse
I walk it barefooted
My style will ??? oscillation of the nation
Total sync ???
Finger painting my show
Borderline borders
Possibly imagining my dad ???
Citizens tearing up the floorboard
Intimately integrative insufficient so
Fallen under his virgin, virgin ears pioneer
??? for time, can I ??
Kill him now

Liquid descending