Willie The Kid – Watch Your Step Lyrics (feat. Kiyana)

[Intro: Willie the Kid]
You know, the funny part is
I don't normally name these shits until I'm turning in the credits
It's that season
Yo Yo, V Don
Put the music first
Willie The Kid
Turn me up

[Verse 1: Willie the Kid]
Don't be looking for a fair shake it's fake handshakes
And tough breaks on the first take, I take measures
My pleasure yellow tape like a tape measure
My life's a highlight tape fast breaks no first take
Let's take the scenic route we can go to breakfast
Cheese blintz on the lakе hobnobbing get
Robbed with a blunt object I objеct your honor
My trajectory is different I'm jet setting
Raising bars by far establishing the standard
My bitch a snack like a raisin bar, straight granola
A full course meal mighty healthy like Raisin Bran
Adjust the volume in the Bimmer when I
Raise my hand and twirl it's a man's world
I puff cigars in the park I might feed the squirrels

I need the money not the girls but I guess I'll take em
It comes with the package
Who am I to forsake em
4600 on airfare flights to Europe The Fly
Polo down feet inside the stirrups
I'm just stirring up the pot nigga f*ck what I got
It's about what I'm getting to good riddance to
Anybody with a drop of hate inside they blood
I'm at the bank inside the club, not as much
My young chick said Willie baby you out of touch
I told her niggas be lit but they ribs touching
[Hook: Kiyana]
Don't be worried about me nigga
Worry bout yourself
You can go anywhere baby
But when you come around me
Anywhere in this world
But when you come around me
You better watch your step

Don't be worried about me nigga
Worry about your motherf*cking self
Better watch your step
You better watch your step
When you talk about me nigga
You better watch your step