Lil’ Debbie – Zonin Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Catch me in my zone tho
What the f*ck you mad for?
Everything you strive for I already have ho
Try and stop my shine bitch, but you can't stop that cash flow
Ain't no time for local bitches stamps all on my passport
Haters kiss my asshole
I been on for years now
Most these bitches fell off
See, I don't know what it is now
Class all on my own now, shittin' on your whole style
Hard is all I go now, bitch, hard is all I know now

I'm zonin…Bitch you outta line quit playing
I'm zonin…Bitch you outta line quit playing
I'm sayin'…

Bitch, I'm zonin 7x

You hatin' and I'm on em, I'm on em, I'm on em, I'm on em
Yeah, I'm zonin 4x

[Verse 2]
Bitches speak my name but they ain't making no noise
I'm just cooking hot shit, whip it like them dope boys
Most these hoes ain't got shit, hate to see me shine so I just grind and shine more
Bitch I'm doing fine, ho
Higher than the confidence
Most of these bitches incompetent
Needless to tell them that I'm the shit, but bitch I'M THE SHIT
Debbie be that bad bitch kill these hoes for practice
Doing this shit for the f*ck of it cause they love a bitch and I love this shit